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Re: Coordinator discussion

Postby Amaikokonut » 07 Mar 2018, 21:13

I like the idea of letting people volunteer specifically as coordinators or team members. I guess it's just a question of if we need to figure out teams first and then vote on the teams, or if we worry about getting the teams together after the coordinator has already been decided. (The former sounds likes a lot more effort to me, but hey, that's me).

I think if people do want to self-organize and run as teams, it might mean less involvement if it was something they did among themselves without needing the formalities of 'official' surveys. People who wanted to organize their teams could run their own independent surveys or whatever recruitment methods they wished to use to get their team together. But I guess it's up to you survey-makers how much of a hand you want to have in helping people organize their teams. It just sounds like a lot of work to me, hah.

Hmm, should we run a quick one-question survey to decide what the majority believes we should do for coordination then? So far it seems the proposed methods are:

- Vote to elect a single "Head Coordinator" who initially assumes full responsibility for the coordination duties but has the freedom to build their CCSF dream team from willing volunteers after they are elected.
- Let coordinator teams organize themselves first, using whatever methods they wish, then vote to elect a CCSF team. (Note that these teams can still take on more volunteers later for smaller tasks, this is mostly an option for those who wish to share the major coordination duties equally with a partner or groups of people they know work well together)
- Both-- let coordinators decide if they want to run alone and organize their team after election or if they want to organize and run as a team before the voting begins. Voters can then decide individually which Head Coordinator or Coordinator Team they believe would run the CCSF most effectively.
- Vote on the number of coordinators that should be on the CCSF team, then have all coordinators run individually. The top [however many we decide] coordinators will comprise the CCSF team and will share the coordination duties equally.

Did I miss anything? What other methods would be effective? Are there any other proposed options or clarifications?

Also, with all these surveys going on I wonder if it would benefit us to have an email-list to be notified of survey results and new surveys, just to give people the opportunity to opt-in to those updates without having to check forums/discord channels. It could be either in the form of a separate survey, go through a service like MailChimp, or just have a box at the end of future surveys that says something like "note your email address here to be notified of future surveys and results."
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Re: Coordinator discussion

Postby Pilla » 09 Mar 2018, 10:43

I think it'd be a better idea to have a survey where people can volunteer to be a head coordinator or a team member first. In that poll they could maybe also propose a team that could be used for the CCSF, provided they made an agreement with said team to work together.

Then we could have a discussion about the results and then an 'official' "pick a coordinator"-poll.

Possible survey questions (all optional):

- Put your name here if you want to be a head coordinator.
- Put your name here if you want to be a team member for the CCSF. Optionally, also put here what kind of things you would like to do to help.
- If you created a team already with which you want to join the CCSF, put the name of the team and the team members here.

Any thoughts?
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