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Themes are always fun to discuss! Here's the suggestions from the survey results, discarding duplicates, 'i don't knows', and 'whatevers' as well as breaking up multiple ideas onto multiple lines.

  • "Ideas you never got around to doing"
  • "Save the norns" -Get creatures visible
  • Alien
  • Ettins & Grendels
  • Mechanic breeds
  • Creativity
  • "Creatures is a very old series now (if you count DS as the newest game, even that's 16 years old and will be 17 next year). Since a sequel looks very unlikely at this point, I think the theme of the festival should be ""working with what we have."" What can be done with the existing games to breathe new life into them? It might be an entirely new game based around an old engine, a new community-made engine, a new world, a new species, an entirely new way of playing the existing games, or anything else that people can think of. As with the 2017 CCSF, there should be an emphasis on people working together and pooling their talents, although this should not be the main focus of the theme as it was this year (been there, done that). Use of stuff like GitHub should be encouraged, with tutorials being provided."
  • I'd like to suggest 'Early Community Days' or 'Creatures History' or 'Archaeology' or something of a similar name that themes around celebrating some of the earliest Creatures sites and developments. Old and archived Creatures sites could be showcased, contributors could seek out early community members to interview, video reviews could be done for really old agents/metarooms, maybe for fun people could be make their own 'tribute' creatures pages in the basic html style of old 90's/early 00's pages. Additionally, people could be encouraged to preserve our future history by updating the Creatures Wiki (and of course, ensuring there is a future history for the community with all the usual contributions and developments)
  • Maybe theme it to a certain game this time
  • Bioluminescence
  • Partyin'
  • Savanna
  • Whatever happens to be relevant to the community at the time
  • Winter

What do you love? What do you think could be expanded on? What other themes would you suggest? Go nuts!
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