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Early discussion for the upcoming Creatures Community Spirit Festival happens here.

CCSF Events

Postby Pilla » 03 Mar 2018, 12:55


• A community Wolfing Run would be cool!
• A new-member drive, Creatchi updates, story and art exhibition
• Blog Carnival
• Community Wolfing Run!
• Get creatures visible; art and banners,avatars and signatures, relaunch AlbianArchive on DeviantArt. Getonline day
• I have no ideas
• I like ones with a variety of types
• more creaturelink?
• Most of the stuff I mentioned in the theme was theme-specific, but general events might include a wiki-update drive, a blog carnival (though we should try to come up with some really weird and interestingquestions since we've already done the basic 'why do you like creatures/how did you get into thecommunity' sort of stuff), a series of silly polls like 'Grendels or Ettins?' 'Hoppities or Grazers?'. Maybe'live-ish' Wolfling Runs held in a separate channel in the CCSF Discord people could participate in (sincethe format is pretty much perfect for posting live updates complete with screenshots, animations, etc).Maybe an event nominating/voting on the top three/five/ten Creatures-related videos on youtube (videosthat are already there, not necessarily ones made specifically for CCSF) maybe in different categories likefunniest, most informative, most bizarre/confusing, etc. Maybe something similar for nominating/votingon 'best blog posts of 2018'
• Old metaroom reviews
• Photoshopped Screenshots Collage
• There weren't really any events this year, so I'd be happy to see any. Community wolfling runs are always ahit.
• this question confuses me
• Wolfing run / Pairing up for agent creations
• Wolfing Runs
• Wolfling Run, Raffle?
• Wolfling runs, blog prompts
• Wolfling runs, blog prompts/blog carnival, game scenarios, spriter and coder team ups a month or twobefore the CCSF
• Writing, drawing, cobbling, brainstorming, metaroom/agent designing, idk?


Any other ideas?

Would you want to host/join any of the aforementioned events?
Any volunteers that want to help prepare the events?

Please shout out :D
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Re: CCSF Events

Postby Amaikokonut » 07 Mar 2018, 22:03

Wow, high demand for wolfling runs! Has anyone ever done a 'migrating' wolfling run wherein one person runs it for a period of time before exporting/zipping up all the creatures and sending them on to another person to continue it, and so on? That might be fun.

I would probably at least attempt participation in a blog carnival, though I like the idea of having more off-the-wall questions than usual. I also think anything video-related would be cool. I remember back in 2008 (wow geez literally a decade ago) I tried to put together a compilation of submitted video clips from various community members' games, showcasing what was going on in their worlds, what they were developing, etc., but it didn't get any submissions. We've come a long way since then though and there's a lot more tools available for that sort of thing so maybe people would be more open to something like that this year? What do you all think?
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Re: CCSF Events

Postby Kitty Tikara » 11 Mar 2018, 04:44

I have a few thoughts about various events so I just shoved them in a list:

* Some sort of wolfling run needs to be run this year, even if it's the only event. Any sort of wolfling run would be good but I'd love a migrating wolfling run. Those old global wolfling runs fascinate me and even something vaguely similar to it would be absolutely amazing.
* I'd also love to see the blog carnival return in some form. No idea what sort of questions could be asked but I agree that different questions should be asked. Out of all of the events, this is probably the one I'd love to see return the most. I really enjoyed it.
* A video compilation is a good idea as well. Free video recording software is pretty easy to find and I think it might do well this year.
* Metaroom reviews are also interesting to me. It could make for an interesting blog prompt but it could also be a stand-alone thing were a review goes up every day of the CCSF.
* General "get more active" events would be pretty nice as well. The old "Get Online Day" is impossible since the warp is down, but we could get on the Discords and chatrooms. Creatures Caves could also run another "Break the
* A Creatures Wiki updating drive has been suggested for years now and I think it would be a good idea. There's always some page that needs some editing and there's probably still missing CAOS commands or Creatures downloads that need pages. Whoever organizes this event might want to make a list of pages that need edits, just to make finding pages easier.
* Pointless polls like "hoppities or grazers" are pretty pointless but I'd love to see them anyway. They're amusing and they shouldn't be to hard to set up.
* Nominating the best/funniest/whatever Creatures videos and blog posts would be an interesting event as well.
* Spriter and coder team ups or even something like Creature Caves' general "find someone to work with" thread from last year would be a good idea as well.

Also I highly recommended opening all of the events to submissions at least a month early. I'd also remind people of the events every week or every other week, and remind them in multiple places. This might annoy some people but some events need the help getting event submissions. From what I've noticed, only the wolfling runs get a lot of entries. Every other event might get one or two... well besides the blog carnival. It did really well from what I remember.
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Re: CCSF Events

Postby daz » 29 Jul 2018, 18:34

heh i only just found this board, bit late, oh well

i'd been thinking of suggesting something similar to a migrating wolfling run before i realised the festival was soon!
something based on the game chinese whispers/broken telephone. the first person sets up a population, then packs all those up to the next person on the next day, who inserts some other breed into the gene pool before breeding a generation and passing them on, and the next person mixes in something else, with everythign kept secret, so when the final result is revealed it'd be something super distorted from the original bunch.

love random daft polls, also definitely love a 'find someone to work with drive' as a spriter who is totally out of his depth on the other side.

maybe you could get some arty folks to provide line art and have everyone else do a norn colouring contest?
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